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Most of the time they're cute, sleepy, and playful. But other times, they're on the hunt and make it quite obvious that they do not want to be messed with.

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Although we may think it's cute to play with our cats and pick them up every chance we get, there are some things that we just love doing with them and to them! Here are seven things you might be doing that your cat secretly hates. Your cat secretly hates being held like a baby.

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You can hold them, just not like this. Shutterstock Some cats like to lay in your lap, or to be picked up anti aging center katy cuddled when you come home from work, but one thing cats hate is to be held like a legjobb anti aging antioxidánsok. Being picked up makes cats feel insecure and eager to return to the floor, according to Healthy Pets.

When they're held like a baby, it makes matters even worse than when they're held with good support.

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While it might be cute, it's really not their favorite thing. If you're not willing to give it up, at least only hold them up for a few seconds, rather than a lengthier period of time that will likely make them even more stressed. Your cat secretly hates having their picture taken constantly.

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Sorry, Instagram stars. The camera's flash can be jarring for them. Too, it's particularly cruel to lure them with a toy or treat, get the photo you want, and then leave them be.

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Reader's Digest suggests that " a little play time is the least we can do" in return for their photo-op participation. Your cat secretly hates eye contact. Don't look them in the eyes. Pixabay Cats communicate with their eyes.

7 Things You're Doing That Are Making Your Cat Secretly Hate You

If they blink or wink, it's a sign good sign — a sign of affection, indicating that they do not feel threatened. Your cat secretly hates when you meow at them.

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They don't wanna hear it. According to Dr. Your cat not-so-secretly hates when you dress them up. This seems like a given. Shutterstock If the squirming and fighting back against you as you try to put them in clothing didn't give it away, this statement will: most cats don't like to play dress up.

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According to Wide Open Petscats don't like having something against their furmostly because they don't need it, but also because it's uncomfortable and restrictive. If your cat doesn't mind being put in sweaters and hats, or you simply must dress them up for some reason, be sure that they can still move around comfortably and anti aging center katy the bathroom. To be safe, skip trying to put your cat in cute little outfits because they secretly hate it. Your cat secretly hates when you give them milk.

This is a big myth. Shutterstock According to cattime.

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Milk will cause most cats a lot of discomfort and stomach problems within hours of consuming it. This isn't to say that they won't drink it when it's placed before them, but it'll likely cause them more harm than good.

Your cat secretly hates change. That new puppy may not be their favorite.

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Shutterstock Buying a new type of food, taking them on a trip in the car, moving, having guests over, and taking them to the vet, all constitute as change and are stressful events for your cat. Changes to any parts of a cat's environment should be gradual in order to help acclimate them, and desensitize them to stressful situationsaccording to Cat Health Network.

If it's stressful for us, it's just as stressful if not more stressful for the smaller, furry members of our household. Read the original article on Business Insider. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Copyright

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