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Mike adrian an We r not gonna trash talk. No drugs chems nothing Hydrogen makes a bomb. Maybe you did not see this entire video. In the full video he absolutely speaks against calories in calories out.

And diet soda could damage the body, even though that is not proven. But let's say it does fine. Diet soda does not make you anti aging quack shot. It has no sugar or calories you won't be fat. Bert Ernie 2 hónapja outer spacing it may affect your metabolism in the same way caffeine does so what you're saying doesn't actually make sense it just sounds anti aging quack shot. You can take many zero calorie substances in a dose high enough to damage a certain aspect of your health in a way that could negatively affect your metabolism, sleep or lifestile.

You heard the first thing he mentioned was goiters on the thyroid gland, that would be an example of what hes talking anti aging quack shot when he says certain things may make you fat in the long run as thyroid issues will do that regardless of calorie intake.

Hes telling you to take stevia over well researched sweetners that have been known to be damaging to the human anti aging hidratálás, hes not saying anything about calories in calories out you have just watched too many greg doucette videos and can't see past it or you simply just cant comprehend what this fella is trying to say.

You and this fella in the video who ive never head of are arguing two completely different things just think about it, everyone knows calories in calories out is the main lézeres szemműtét győr of fat loss so give it a rest and try learn something new.

Hood Donations 2 hónapja How, lots of research out diet soda is unhealthy. I thought they had the hyper sweet sweeteners like aspartam and ace-k?

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I thought erytherol etc was the alcohol sugars but they are less, not more, sweet than sugar. And you would need alot of them in a soda maybe I'm wrong?

Up to what point would be deemed impressive to make suspects coopreate when on uniform. The only thing even vaguely related is it states a small ránc eltüntetése sminkkel on insulin sensitivity and the gut biome was altered, not necessarily worse than the rats not taking it.

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Daniel Can we get a link to the study Dr. AJ2 hónapja What Dave is saying is - you might look like Mike O tren and be as strong as Thor, but if you give up diet cola you could be an even better version of you.

Anti aging quack shot can be a better you at no extra cost.

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Diet pop will not kill you but not doing you any favors and not making you healthier or stronger Dr. AJ 2 hónapja Fer an interesting topic to investigate is how much of the "nutrition" world was developed from work and money from vegetarian Seventh-day Adventist. The formed and influenced all the government guildelines. It is a fun topic to research. Politics and Religion drive the world, data, wars, laws, access to information, Crazy stuff Dr. AJ 2 hónapja Mind YourBuisness there are many PED's that can increase performance and also destroy the liver, cause cancer, and a whole list of other issues.

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You are guaranteed to gain energy and one of best weight loss products on the market. Not all diet pop has caffeine and there are better ways to get caffeine. Plus caffeine is a cerebral vasoconstrictor cut blood flow to brain Point is, diet soda is not needed for human survival.

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It is an added expense and just not required. Not saying it is bad, just saying why drink it? All depends on your goals in life. Mind YourBuisness But caffeine is a proven performance enhancer so ya diet pop could be helping you Fer 2 hónapja Dr. Trying to determine Which studies are worth the paper they are printed.

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He just spouts nonsense which fits his agenda to sell his products. And yes, diet soda may not be healthy for you, but it's wayyyy less harmful than soda with sugar. AJ 2 hónapja Travis W is this not so much fun.

This is part of the problem. Very dynamic topics not possible to cover all points in anti aging quack shot few words or phrases.

AJ2 hónapja Dave doesn't understand that bodybuilders and powerlifters do not worry about the tiny affects of diet soda while they take their three injections and 35 pills a day. Life is a risk.

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Stoned Kamil M. Fer 2 hónapja Well, Dave also doesn't understand that diet soda is more healthy than regular soda. Honestly, he just doesn't seem like a smart guy. Colin Lucas Because their crazy 03blaird2 hónapja people shouldn't be fooled by these "zero calorie" drinks.

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Christian Law2 hónapja Greg Doucette gonna spontaneously combust after this one Darko Fit Coach lukas williams yeah thats shit bro lukas williams Hónapja Darko Fit Coach cover your breathing and live in fear, also take this shot and this one and this booster. Oh btw self isolate and avoid human contact.

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Ryan Sibley Hónapja Darko Fit Coach ummm because he's turned a ton of people pro he's also a pro helped s lose weight and holds about a dozen fitness records those could all be reasons why Mr "fit coach" who looks like he needs a coach Darko Fit Coach 2 hónapja Blabla Blabla plenty if people who state facts.

I have no issues with facts. I make videos on facts. Did you write it? If not, whose is it?

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