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Case of «Donbass» Euroregion Introduction The transition process that started in the late 80s - early 90s of the XX century in Central and Eastern Europe, has led to the activation of transboundary research in many countries.

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Particular attention is paid to the common border regions of the European Union and their eastern neighbors.

Cross-border cooperation in general and omeyer suisse anti aging establishment of Euroregions particularly, are considered as potential means to overcome economic backwardness and to increase the competitiveness of peripheral border regions.

Borderland is an area where differences are leveled leading to formation of zones with specific features common to the either sides.

The ambiguity of functions is typical for the boundaries; it is a combination of barrier and contact characteristics. The boundary separates the regions, prevents the trade, financial flows and restricts flow of information.


But at the same time inter-territorial connections are biocura anti aging q10 szérum through the border and a significant part of economic and political relations in Europe are implemented through them Mezhevich, N.

As most European researchers understand, cross-border cooperation is cooperation between border regions and a cross-border region is a potential region inseparable in geography, history, ecology, ethnic groups, economic possibilities and the ect. Border regions occupy a dual position in the economic space of a state, being both a center of communications and a periphery of the state Mezhevich, N. As border regions, Donetsk and Lugansk regions are the contact zones of Ukraine omeyer suisse anti aging the outside world.

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Using of this contact potential, strengthening cross-border cooperation with neighboring regions of Russia may become the basis for their social and economic development. Voronezh region has joined the Euroregion Donbass in International Association, Donbass is the seventh Euroregion, created with Ukraine participation, and the fourth on its eastern border after "Slobozhanshchina"Dnieper and Yaroslavna In its current form with minor subsequent adjustmentsthe boundary between Russia and Ukraine was fixed with the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic by the Treaty of limits, approved on March 10, by Workers 'and Peasants' Government of Ukraine.

The administrative border between the Soviet republics became the state boundary after Ukraine had got its independence on August 24, Chernomaz P. The area of borderland was populated in connection with the development of the Donets coal Basin in the second half of XIX century. The powerful coal and metallurgical base was formed in the Soviet period in the Donets Basin. Today Donbass is divided by the Russian- Ukrainian border, which often «cut» urban agglomerations and other whole in the recent past settlements closely bounded by historical, economic and especially social and cultural ties not long ago Kolosov V.

According to the census Ukrainians inhabit the territory of the Rostov region 1.

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Russian population of Ukraine amounts to 8. Social and economic dimensions of cross-border cooperation The success of cross-border cooperation of Donetsk, Lugansk and Rostov regions largely depends on economic and social development of the regions on both sides of the border.

Anti aging behandlung kosmetik. Csomag az egészségének

The territory of the Rostov region in nearly two times larger than the territory of neighboring Donetsk and Lugansk regions combined, but Rostov thous. In addition, the Ukrainian border area is more urbanized: the proportion of urban population is The demographic crisis omeyer suisse anti aging a common phenomenon both for Russian and Ukrainian border areas.

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The natural decline of population is representative for all three regions of borderland, but in the Ukrainian regions the situation is much worse, notably. While in the Rostov region mortality rate exceeds the birth rate by 4.

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Low fertility and high mortality affect demographic situation, but if the fertility rate in the border areas of both countries is not very different, the mortality rate in the Donetsk Taking into account the demographic problems in all three regions of the border area there can be a shortage of manpower resources for the future development of the economy.

The volume of industrial production in the Donetsk region is nearly two times higher than in the Rostov region. In residential buildings with total area of ,0 thousand square meters were constucted in the Rostov 10 10 Anna Valerievna Shmytkova -Ekaterina Safronova: Ways of Regional Cooperation region. The housing construction volume reached only ,1 thousand square meters in the Donetsk region and ,8 thousand square meters in the Lugansk region.

Meanwhile, comissioning of dwellings per 1, population is equivalent omeyer suisse anti aging both Ukrainian regions and less than the rate in the Rostov region in 5.

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The contrasts between the neighboring municipal districts in terms of housing construction are even more significant: only 3. Ukrainian border regions are significantly inferior to the Rostov region considering the volume of fixed asset investments. In Rostov region received 3.

The largest volume of fixed asset investments went to the coal mining districts of the Rostov region: Octyabrsky, Kamensky, Millerovsky, Krasnosulinsky. It reflects life standards and conditions.

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The average nominal monthly wage in the Rostov region was approximately 1. The retail turnover per capita reflects the difference in real income more adequately than wages. In the volume of retail trade turnover per capita in the Rostov region reached ,8 rubles, while in the Donetsk region it was ,3 rubles, and in the Lugansk region ,3 rubles.

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On the Ukrainian side only Shakhtersky district of the Donetsk region with retail turnover per capita ,5 rubles approached the border districts of the Rostov region, but this figure was less than 10 thousand rubles in other Ukrainian municipal districts.

Even large cities of Ukrainian borderland such as Donetsk ,0 rubles and Lugansk ,5 rubles were inferior to Rostov-on-Don with its turnover per capita of rubles. The development of foreign economic relations Foreign economic relations play an important role in the development of border areas. They help to overcome the peripheral, marginal position of border regions in national economic systems Vardomsky L.

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