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Van meg itt valami, ami szinten szeptemberben tortent: The Thailand coup d'état took place on 19 Septemberwhen members of the Royal Thai Army staged a coup against the government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

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The coup, which is Thailand 's first in fifteen years, followed a year-long political crisis involving Thaksin and political opponents and occurred less than a month before elections were scheduled to be held, on 15 October.

The coup was bloodlesswith no casualties reported.

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International government statements concerning the coup ranged from harsh denunciations including Australia, New Zealand, Denmark to non-interference including China, Laos. The US stated it was "disappointed" and that the coup had "no justification.

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  • Nyílt levél az összes politikai pártnak ben Történelmi szükségszerűség Különös módon azok, akik évtizedeken át kétkedve hallgatták a gazdasági alépítmény elsődlegességéről és a történelmi szükségszerűségről szóló szimplicista doktrínát, most észrevétlenül elfogadják azt a kényelmes történelemszemléletet, amely a világ összes társadalmát egy "szamárlétrára" sorakoztatja, ahol az összes fejenként többet termelő ország előttünk van, és a nálunk kevesebbet termelők minden vonatkozásban mögöttünk.
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Thailand has made marked progress in terms of respect for human rights and the rule of law, and Canada urges all parties to continue to uphold these values. It's a step backward for democracy in Thailand.

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We very much urge that democratic elections are held as soon as possible, which is a commitment military officials have made. That commitment needs to be met, and it needs to be respected.

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There are also consequences when these kinds of actions take place, and obviously, in light of what's happened, in light of this coup, there are aspects of our relationship that we're going to have to review. Ambassador to the UN John R. Bolton noted that "We have press reports and I think for now the important thing is to look for the sustaining of constitutional processes in Thailand.

Köszönjük az Oktatási és Kulturális Minisztérium és Hiller István úrközreműködését a kötet megjelenésébenwww.

We hope those who mounted it will make good and make good swiftly on their promises to restore democracy. Under the so-called Foreign Operations Assistance Act, the United States has budgeted about 14 million borne darcade alkalommal suisse anti aging in bilateral assistance, including four million dollars in the military area, to Thailand in fiscal A declaration followed a day later by a warning from White House spokeswoman Dana Perino "We remain concerned by restrictions on civil liberties, provisions in the draft constitution that appear to give the military an ongoing and influential role in decision-making, and the lengthy timetable for democratic elections.

The PRC has consistently upheld the principle of non-interference in other countries' internal affairs," the foreign ministry said in a statement posted on its website. The Security Bureau reminded Hong Kong residents going to Thailand that they should keep themselves abreast of the latest developments and pay attention to personal safety, and said the government would continue to closely monitor the situation.


The foreign ministry condemns any act that hinders democracy and also hopes that there will be a smooth transition of power from the military to the representatives of the last election, which itself is mired in controversy.

Indonesia - The Indonesian government, through its foreign ministry spokesman Desra Percaya, states that Indonesia "expects that the principles of democracy No comment, we are following the situation very closely.

He said, 'I was taken aback.

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This is not the way for a change in government that people like to see. By right, there should be an election. In addition, they are confident in the loyalty of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He said that Singapore called on all parties involved to seek reconciliation and restore constitutional Government as soon as possible.

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Prime Minister Vanhanen emphasises the need to revert to democratic order without delay. I hope the situation will be resolved peacefully, and that the country returns to democratic order as soon as possible.

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The situation is not yet clear, but it is imperative that political differences are resolved within the framework of the constitution, peacefully and in accordance with democratic principles and with respect for human rights.

We are naturally following developments in Bangkok very closely". But it's not over borne darcade alkalommal suisse anti aging, there's no conclusion yet.

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Thaksin has a lot of support outside Bangkok. So we'll have to see what happens when he returns home. I just hope it does not end in violence.

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I hope that democracy will be re-established in Thailand. But we very much hope there will be peace and the situation will be resolved and that some peaceful way out of the problem will be determined. Obviously, we believe they should.

It depends whom you ask.

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