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The prospect has an awful lot of us scared stiff. More than people attended the conference, a potent mix of newcomers and veterans of the movement.

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They did a great job at making it interactive. Together we explored how damaging it can be to set the measure anywhere other than waking up in the morning for success.

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When we set markers for success that are not achievable, we create shame and markets for anti-aging products. Recognizing the gifts that aging has to give anti aging mém paramount. And the first step to being able to do that is dismantling the ageism at the root of the negative perceptions.

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But it never dawns on most of us that the experience of reaching old age — or middle age, or even aging past youth — can be better or worse depending on the culture in which it takes place.

Each of us had a chance to draw on and share what we have experienced. The personal experiences were varied and awe-inspiring.


Sister Imelda and Mel Coppola led the group in spirited discussions. Throughout the day ideas were galvanized into seeds of change to take home. Ageism is one of, if not the, biggest obstacles to creating a culture which reduces the unnecessary suffering we currently pile on the experience of aging through prejudice. Ageism feeds on that denial: our reluctance to acknowledge that we are aging—all of us, anti aging mém now.

Ha pedig anti-agingről van szó, akkor kiemelten fontos, hogy tudd, melyik összetevők azok, amik valóban hatásosak.

But change happens through action, both internal and external. We need to check our own internal biases and work to shift them. Curious how age biased you are? Ashton has long dreamed of a clearinghouse where people can find the resources they need to dismantle ageism.

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Near the end of the day, she was able to share that this dream had become a reality, OldSchool. I was honored to be able to announce the project we have been working on with fellow age activist Ryan Backer.

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And movements need tools. For example, during the workshop, Jill Vitale-Aussem shared a story.

That story became a blog post. The blog post inspired Pioneer Network, The Eden Alternative, and LeadingAge to collaborate on a letter that acts as an agent to promote change. There is a spirit now of coming together around ageism.

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Lived it, earned it — been there done that and now enjoying this. Download your copy herepost it to social media in response to this természetes anti aging blog, and join the movement against Ageism.

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