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Publisher: Association of Canadian Archivists Nyelv English Kivonat The Web is a vast and constantly changing information landscape that by its very nature seems to resist the idea of the archive. But for the last 20 years, archivists and technologists have worked together to build systems for doing just that. While technical infrastructures for performing web archiving have been well studied, surprisingly little is known about the interactions between archivists and these infrastructures.

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How do archivists decide what to archive from the Web? How do the tools for archiving the Web shape these decisions? This study analyzes a series of ethnographic interviews with web archivists to understand how their decisions about what to archive function as part of a community of practice.

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Findings suggest that the politics and positionality of the archive are reflected in the ways that archivists talk about their network of personal and organizational relationships. Self-reflection acts as a key method for seeing the ways that interviewers and interviewees work together to construct the figured worlds of the web archive.

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These factors have implications for the ways archivists communicate with each other and interact leghatékonyabb öregedésgátló olajkeverék the communities that they document.

The results help ground the encounter between archival practice and the architecture of the Web. Pourtant, depuis les vingt dernières années, les archivistes et technologues ont travaillé de concert afin de bâtir des systèmes qui feraient exactement ça.

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Bien que les infrastructures technologiques pour archiver le Web ont été abondamment étudiées, on en sait étonnamment peu à propos des amnesty fiscal suisse anti aging entre les archivistes et ces infrastructures.

Comment les archivistes décident de ce qui sera archivé du Web? Les résultats suggèrent que les politiques et le positionnement des archives sont reflétés dans la manière dont les archivistes parlent de leurs réseaux de relations personnelles et organisationnelles.

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