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I visited Hungary for the first time in with spirig pharma svájci anti aging Hungarian friend, Anita, and have returned to Magyarország 12 times since marrying her six years ago.

We now run a business together and spend all day side by side.

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Write an article about how to piss off a Hungarian. No matter what I write below this line, a Hungarian living somewhere, maybe in Tuvalu, will be pissed off about it.

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Refuse a shot of házi pálinka. Just about everyone makes it or knows someone who does, each distiller lauding the quality of his batch.

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When visiting a household for the first time or at a house party, you will be offered a shot of homemade pálinka. Switch to beer after your third shot or you might end up floating svájci ouigour anti aging the Danube in a gallon drum. Assume life in Hungary is exceptionally better since the fall of Communism. When the Berlin Wall crumbled, some thrived, but many are still feeling the effects of having been hung out to dry by the collapse of the steady industrial work Communism provided.

Steady work and steady pay. But obviously it was unsustainable. Once Russia and the Eastern Bloc failed, there was no market for our products. Life was good back then. There svájci ouigour anti aging two things Hungarians are engulfed in an obsessive, passionate, and incendiary affair with: water sports water polo, kayaking, swimming and their food.

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Hearty soups and stews, slow cooked in a cauldron over open fire, rode in with the nomadic tribes over 1, years ago. Two dishes stand out as quintessentially Magyar: gulyás, a robust soup made of beef or pork with potatoes, carrots, Hungarian peppers, and a base of onion, garlic, caraway, and paprika of course.

Imagine beef stew. Now imagine it smokier, richer, slightly piquant, and deeper in its seductive layers. And another classic, halászlé, a soup made from freshwater fish and copious amounts of onion and paprika.

It incarcerates your senses while it bubbles with its brilliant red broth and spicy, soulful flavor. Magyarország also serves up a delectable panoply of sausages, soups, entrees, and desserts. Sour cream, túró similar to ricotta cheeseand numerous pickled delights are added to, or accompany, most dishes.

And yes, Hungarians are pretty hungry because their aforementioned food is delicious, dammit.

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The Magyars are said to have been a nomadic group of seven tribes that settled in the Carpathian Basin around Their origin is a topic of much debate, especially among Hungarians themselves. Most evidence points to a culture that migrated from the West Siberian steppes to the southern Ural Mountains near the Black Sea.

Here they mingled with Turkic Bulgars and Huns, thus adding to their skill set and customs. Eventually the Magyars settled in the area of present-day Hungary.

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And then there is the Hungarian language. Said to be distantly related to Finnish, Hungarian has no connection to Romance, Germanic, or any other Indo-European language groups.

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Suffixes are used to change the meaning and function of words and adhere to the rules of vowel harmony. Hungarians are intensely proud of their language and are quick to point out its versatility, richness, and poetic grace.

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Be insensitive about the Treaty of Trianon. Prior to WWI, Hungary, aligned with the Habsburgs of Austria, held control of a territory three times its current size.

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Being on the losing side of that war, Hungary was put on the svájci ouigour anti aging block by the Treaty of Trianon in Versailles, France. The borders of new nations were drawn up leaving Hungary a third of its original land and displacing millions of ethnic Hungarians as minorities in foreign countries. Along with the loss of property and population, certain natural resources and access to the Adriatic Sea were also relegated as a thing of the past.

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Relationships with these neighbors are for the most part cordial. Occasional news stories of discrimination against their compatriots in bordering lands stir up emotions of injustice and resentment. History, language, politics, and even food.

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Being a crossroads between East and West will do that to a place.

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