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A tartalomról Since the introduction of railways, many breathtaking landscapes have been unlocked for global captivation.

From plains to canyons, what the world has to offer has been viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging ever-closer as technology advanced. One such example of stunning scenery is of course Switzerland, crisp blue skies contrasting against the towering peaks of the Alps would not be the tourist attraction they are today without the railways.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

The Albula Line sought to better connect the South East of this picturesque country, and by doing so traversed unbelievable scenery that today is enjoyed around the world. In the early s, many towns and villages throughout Graubünden were not fairly served by railways.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

After the Rhaetian Railway RhB was formed out of the successful Landquart-Davos-Bahn, and voted into state ownership, discussions were soon taking place for a new railway line to serve the somewhat isolated communities. Multiple plans were drawn up for a railway through Graubünden, but eventually a deal was settled in for a railway that would traverse the Albula Valley via Thusis and St.

While originally planned as a standard gauge railway, the higher popularity of the narrower metre gauge within the state saw that the latter would be chosen in the end.

After the railway reached Thusis, it was time to traverse the Albula Valley.

Construction began in October of and much of the new line was laid within 5 years. Despite the rapid construction, the new Albula Line was in no shortages of logistical challenges along keys sections of the pass.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

Steam locomotives of the day were not excessively powerful, yet the line was meant for both passenger and freight traffic. To overcome this, the line was restricted to both a 3.

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The altitude difference throughout the Albula Valley meant that a 3. The answer would be to artificially extend the railway.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

Using a combination of curved tunnels, spiral tunnels and viaducts, the builders carefully brought the railway to the right altitude while staying within the parameters. One other vital structure to the railway is the Albula Tunnel.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

Services began to operate across a majority of the line with its opening in Julythese services were not complete though. The debate between RhB and the St. Even though the line was built as a steam railway and was projected to be viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging for some time, the coal shortage during the First World War pressed RhB into the realm of electrification.

By the whole line was now seeing wired traction. Inthe Ablula Line became home to one of the slowest, yet most beautiful railway expresses in the world, the Glacier Express.

This service was born from the idea to connect two of the main mountain resorts in the Swiss Alps by rail, St. Moritz and Zermatt.

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The full run takes upwards of 7. After over 80 years of operation, the Glacier Express is considered as one of the principle passenger services to operate across the Albula Line, and it does so on a regular, daily basis. In modern times of course, the classic Glacier Express has seen some changes to its rolling stock.

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Perhaps the most revolutionary was the introduction of brand new panorama cars between andthese new passenger cars featured windows that stretched beyond the sides of the car and upwards over the roof. This open-plan design gives passengers a completely unobstructed view of the snow-capped Alps, featuring both 1st and 2nd Class accommodation. A total of 12 locomotives were built between andwith each featuring a unique Coat of Arms.

viaduc de landwasser suisse anti aging

With stunning scenery from the outset, impressive structures throughout and an iconic rail service which has been operating for the last 8 decades, the line between Thusis and St.

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