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Scroll back on the blog for them, or click the links at the end of this post. Let me just say that individually editing pictures wasn't fun, but finally I'm finished with them, for now.

A ton of photos coming after the jump! Megérkeztem az utolsó bejegyzéssel a megszűnő és új termékeket illetően. A megszűnő Catrice és Essence, valamint az új Catrice termékek bejegyzéseit már éjjel feltöltöttem, lapozzatok vissza a blogon értük, de alulra is belinkelem őket. Nem volt poén megszerkeszteni képet egyesével, de végre végeztem velük. Hosszú bejegyzés következik, sok képpel! Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed!

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One of the biggest trends of the season is NUDE! The eyes, lips, face and nails are accentuated in natural, soft nuances that flatter all beauties. And once again, there are plenty of highlights to look forward to in the spring and summer: innovative mascaras, colourful lipsticks, multifunctional powder textures for an irresistible glow as well as the latest it-nail polishes in endless varieties.

Nude is light, soft and available in six different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. The baked texture of the new eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. The packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best. Available in a total of six colours. As of springthe mono eyeshadows will be presented with a new look and feel.

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In addition to the new design, the texture has been improved, too: the soft powder eyeshadows are now even easier to apply and blend for longlasting results. The texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lids and has a cool wave embossment. New colours like brown, pink, petrol, silver, black as well as plenty of pastel shades, and effects ranging from matt to shimmering to slightly metallic give you lots of choice and ensure the perfect eye make-up for every occasion.

Available in a total of 19 colours three of these are exclusively available at Müller. Metallic and strong shimmer effects on your eyes are still as popular as ever.

The soft texture with high coverage and a shimmering finish creates expressive eye make-up styles that are guaranteed to be eye-catching!

Újdonság | Catrice őszi szortimentfrissítés - Lolly Makeup&Beauty Blog

As of February, the range of colours is being extended to include nude shades, icy lavender and cool khaki, and is sure make the hearts of all beauties beat a little faster! Available in three new and a total of 19 colours. Lavender, rosé, cream and nude-beige with effects ranging from a silky shimmer to matt conjure-up creative eye make-up styles. The intensive colour-dispersion and long-lasting results make the quattroeyeshadowan absolute urban decay anti aging primer potion review and wanna-have!

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Available in one new and a total of six colourcombinations. The smooth texture of the eyeshadowscontains shimmering and matt effects —for endless looks. And now an expressive violett-grey is moving into the beauty shops, too.

NeoStrata Clarify arcgél A.H.A.-val (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) 125 ml

Available in one new and a total of twelve colours. No matter whether subtle or expressive —thanks to the innovative brush tip, individual eyeliner looks are super easy, even for newbies! This eyeliner pro is now joining the essence range! Available in black. Anti aging szakértők keresztrejtvény special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect.

And just like her sisters, the packaging of the new drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress —this time in black-mint. Princess koreai ránctalanító krém deluxe! This new mascara delivers what every girl wants: long, defined lashes without clumping. The I like long lashes!

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The small elastomer brush with a WOW-effect ensures perfect definition for a breathtaking look —also suitable for use on your lower lashes.

The tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascaras contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows. Available in two tones —brownybrows for brunettes and blondybrows for blondes. Say goodbye to unruly eyebrows!


With the help of the eyebrow fixing pencil, you can get your eyebrows into shape in a flash. An unbeatable team: while the transparent soft wax texture gets your eyebrows to stay put in the desired shape, the integrated brush gives your eyebrow style the perfect finishing touch.

Extra-tip: the eyebrow fixing pencil can be used on top of coloureyebrow pencils and as a preparation for eyebrow powder for longer lasting results. Thanks to its special shape, you can apply your favorite eyeshadowas easily as if you were using your finger.

The slim sides of the sponge can be used for a more accurate application. The pretty floral design turns this applicator into an absolute eye-catcher and belongs in every make-up bag. The new eyelash curler in a pretty design ensures a gorgeous look even before you apply your favorite mascara. Perfectly curled lashes are no longer a problem thanks to the simple handling!

The soft silicone pad prevents fine lashes from breaking. Includes a spare silicone pad. THE trend… now also on your lips.

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Our bestselling lipstick is now available in five gorgeous nude shades. The light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results in light nude, beige, light rosé, mocha as well as brown.

Natural beauty —nude suits absolutely every girl! Available in a total of five shades. The long-lasting lipsticks are now available in a new and trendy pink shade! It covers your lips with fresh colourfor several hours, and thanks to the light, creamy formula, the lipstick feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips without drying them out.

Available in one new and a total of 16 colours. A nude range is joining the family of popular XXXL lipglosses. The subtle colourpigmentation creates a fresh look. The reservoir brush offers just the right amount of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy application. Available in a total of six colours two of these are exclusively available at Müller. The wonderfully shiny lipglosseswill be available in the new colourpoppy red as of February.

The particularly urban decay anti aging primer potion review applicator pampers the lips, guarantees an accurate application and has a reservoir to guarantee that just the right amount of texture is distributed.

ROVECTIN Nyereményjáték

For lips with a wonderfully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh colour. Available in one new and a total of 13 colours. This new gloss pampers the lips with valuable aloe veraso that they feel wonderfully soft and supple. Beautiful pastel shades including beige, apricot and purple offer a subtle touch of colourand a shiny finish.

Available in a total of seven colours. The soft texture of the lipbalmpampers the lips and makes them feel wonderfully soft.


The highlight: these lipbalmshave a refreshing fruity taste and ensure a natural look with their subtle colour-dispersion —now also available in an extremely light apricot.

Available in one new and a total of three colours. They sweep your hair back into a trendy ponytail for hours. A cool bonus: the hair ties are designed in such a way that they do not leave any dents in your hair despite the ribbed structure.

Two hair ties in one pack. The essence longlastingliplinerallows you to accurately trace the contours of your lips. With four nude shades as well as red, pink and coral, the choice of colouris huge.

Available in a total of nine colours. This practical helper allows a professional application of colouron your lips. Urban decay anti aging primer potion review micro-fine nylon bristles are especially soft and allow you to fill in the contours of your lips accurately.

The brush is also an ideal travel companion thanks to its sealable, reusable pouch. The new pure NUDE powder skillfully unites a matt texture with soft shimmer pigments to give your complexion a gorgeous matt finish with a subtle glow effect.

Propylparaben - Kozmetikai összetevő

The velvety-soft, baked powder texture offers a natural, light coverage. By combining two perfectly aligned shades, each product receives a unique marble design. Available in a total of four shades for various skin types. The new sun club 2in1 bronzing powder conjures-up a light tan on your face and neckline. The powder is available in two versions: the lighter, matt version of the bronzer is combined with pink blush svájci öregedésgátló padlószerelő a fresh and radiant complexion while the darker, matt bronzer is combined with a highlighter for gorgeous, shimmering accents.

Each powder is produced individually, making each product a true one-of-a-kind. A subtle shimmering highlighter, a bronzing powder with a shimmer and a pink blush —the box unites the ideal products for a perfect look.

A fresh complexion is essential for perfect style. You can conjure-up beautiful highlights on your cheeks in pastel coral with the new shade of the silky-soft blush. Available in one new and a total of six shades. The creamy, liquid texture is especially easy to blend and its small, pointed opening allows an accurate application. Two shades for warm and cool skin types offer a smooth and matt complexion. Available in two colours. The new brush is the ideal aid for the application of concealer textures.

No matter whether liquid or creamy —the ultra-soft and flexible bristles make a targeted application of concealer as well blending extremely easy. The slightly pointed shape of the bristles allow an especially professional and accurate application. The new, special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel finish.

The innovative colourtechnology offers intensive colourcombined with perfect coverage. And with 46 coloursto choose from, the variety is almost endless! Available in a total of 46 colours. The nails are given an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without the need for an LED or UV lamp. The nail style is easy to remove using urban decay anti aging primer potion review decay anti aging primer potion review nail polish remover. The perfect manicure —a dream come true… with essence!

From light beige to soft apricot and rosé shades to brown tones —the selection of different coloursand effects is huge. The long-lasting formula ensures permanently pampered nails. Available in a total of twelve colours four of these are exclusively available at Müller.

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Light pastel shades are perfect for spring. Colourslike light pink, coral and ice blue are sure to fulfill all nail-wishes and thanks to the long-lasting formula with a high coverage, gorgeous styles with staying power are guaranteed! Available in a total of eight colours. No matter whether you go for feathers, dots or matt —cool effects are always up-to-date! In February, the effect nail polish range is being extended by six trendy polishes that include nude dots, liquid foils and latex matt in deep-black.

The popular nail polishes are easy to apply on your nails and create wow-manicures that are sure to make heads turn!

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