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In our interview they talk about their motivation for getting involved with Naturefriends, about their experiences with the dual leadership, and about their ideas for the future.

What was your motivation to take on responsibility for IYNF in this particularly difficult time?

In conversation with Naturefriends | Naturefriends International

And what challenges have you had to overcome so far? Thereby, I learnt about history, values, network and workflow of the organisation and had a chance to shape my competencies within an international Youth NGO.

The non-formal education approach during activities brought focus into my passions: care for nature and people. The training course will take place in May I saw the need to go on as part of a strong and diverse team to continue establishing effective working structures and develop a motivated team spirit. The pandemic showed that IYNF is ready to widen its swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging in digital education, which besides all the COVID management that the Secretariat had to carry out had an added value to the organisation.

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I think that the biggest challenge to overcome — and we are slightly getting out of this rabbit hole — was to keep the IYNF presidium and volunteers motivated. The digital connection is an effective addition to youth work but not substituting the benefits of physical interaction.

Another challenge, which pelevoni anti aging szérum catalyzed through the pandemic was to stay focused and present in times of uncertainty and change, and with it an awareness raised that we as young people still have a lot of influence in co-creating the reality in which we want to see ourselves.

Pari: When I first moved to Europe, I had no background in activism. When in I first was invited to the Gian-Gio national meeting with Italians, I had no idea what political activism and civil responsibilities are. My motivation for being president of IYNF now is born exactly at this point. I would like to fight for getting a more neutral and inactive youth to find the right swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging with nature-friendly values to fight for our planet.

My experience with this first-time dual leadership system, so far, is very positive. At least from my side of the spectrum, it is a very functional structure, especially when it comes to task decisions and time management.

We had so far some very interesting informal online meet-ups during the pandemic times and this helped a lot to stay in line with our connection as presidents. It was indeed very difficult. Our presidium team has not yet passed a day together.


We tried to keep our online meetings interactive to some extent and try our best to include any need and wish from every member to feel comfortable and motivated. Our secretariat also had a massive amount of lockdown and quarantine on their shoulders. All in all, I guess we were all coping with it well, and kept our energy high till the end of this season.

Hopefully, with summer solstice ahead of us, we will get together and enjoy some non-screen time together. What kept me motivated was the presence of other presidium members.

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It was important to see that everyone was trying their best to overcome this phase together. And well, it was the case! How did you get in touch with Naturefriends? And what are your visions for the future of the Naturefriends movement? Pari: Ina friend in the university, told me about a Gian-Gio szemránckrém házilag. To be honest, after the meeting, I was immersed in nature, having met so many young people and especially having felt included in an Italian context even if my Italian was not that good for the first time was a blessing; and for the first time I experienced non-formal education.

All these reasons of course, pushed me to be a more active part of the group. How does that work in practice? The idea behind the double leadership is to flatten the hierarchy in the leadership of the organisation.

It helps to distribute representative tasks to more than one person. Another reason for the double leadership is to bring in more diversity into representive functions. To ensure diversity in the IYNF double leadership, its conditions for the constitution are swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging the persons are from different member organisations and that at least one of them swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging not identifying as male.

In practice the double leadership keeps a closer connection to the Secretariat for strategic planning within the presidium. Pari: I think it is an opportunity. I must say, having Lisa on the same power position level allows me to have a person next to me when it comes to brainstorming or to discuss matters in advance.


I enjoy my professional role next to her as much as I enjoy being her friend. From a logistical point of view, it has been very helpful so far that you don't have to decide short-term legal-related issues alone, because there is usually another person you can ask for help. Thanks to Fridays for Future, more and more young people are raising their voices and demanding responsible action — both from political decision-makers and from their parents' and grandparents' generation.

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Yet far too little is happening to slow human-made climate change and transform our economic system towards sustainability. What is needed to bring about change? And how can NGOs like Naturefriends contribute? Pari: I am happy that this question starts with mentioning the Fridays for Future movement. During my last years being a climate justice activist, I have gained more and more knowledge on why protesting is becoming a must.

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Well, what do I think Naturefriends can do? Reach out to youth! Via non-formal and informal education we can achieve a lot for climate justice and climate education.

Our organization with its grassroots structure, is perfect for advocating in small towns and villages as well as in big cities. Reaching out to youth by giving the young people enough power for activating them is the first step. Lisa: The change comes from our own mindsets.

When we start cultivating habits that are supporting a healthy lifestyle, we start to live according to the rhythms of nature and might be able to learn about what it really needs to be a happy human being. It is connected to build a value based foundation of how reality should look like so that we are happy. Furthermore it is about self-empowerment, responsibility, and choice to make a difference. If we decide to first become role models of the way of life we also expect others to live, then we have to step into this role.

And with that it will be likely that community is happening, that like minded people gather and build new majorities for change.

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Change is not about you and me or they and us — change is about integrating what is and transforming it. This process has the power to attract different systems, be it the economic, health, social or digital system. Once we are opening up for self-responsibility and thus self-love, we will see that all the small choices within individual change are interconnected. We just need to believe in and serve life.

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The aim is to support young people reconnecting to their true selves so that they become aware of their purpose by developing methodological frameworks that reconnect us to ourselves and to the environment. In this interview she talks about her motivation, her work for Nature Friends and her visions for the future. You have been playing an active role with the Nature Friends in California for many years — why did you get involved with Nature Friends and what made you decide to become involved in our movement?

Ultimately, I must thank my parents for my involvement in the California Naturefriends, who emigrated from Germany to San Francisco in I was born into the club and have been a lifelong member.

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My father was the Naturefriends California International Secretary for 28 years until I assumed his position in It was natural for me to continue in his footsteps, as I enjoyed the wonderful benefits of growing up in the Naturefriends organization and under his international experience. I strongly believe, in order to foster any and all healthy environments, we must encourage healthy human activities and community, and this is what the NF promotes.

Through such community we can motivate people to help preserve what we value so greatly — our natural environment and friendship. The enrichment I have gained from the Naturefriends has been invaluable!


Naturefriends have very diverse focuses in different countries. Many groups organise leisure-time activities for their members and run Naturefriends Houses.

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For some organisations, policy work is also a focus — from lobbying for strong nature and environmental legislation to working for peace and human rights. What are the priorities of your organisation?

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The priorities for our organization are exposure to nature and the preservation of it through access and awareness, to provide community for wellbeing, and to continue and share our swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging traditions of the founders per their mission statement. Over time our organization has become multifaceted in people and activities. Each one of our Naturefriends houses has acquired its own atmosphere and culture that adds to our club diversity and interest.

My roll mostly involves networking within the club and occasionally with outside interests. I have also organized and run activities. Additionally, my experience with the Naturefriends encouraged my work as an outdoor and environmental educator.

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Due to the long travel distance to Europe, where we normally host our international conferences and encounters, it is hard for you and your colleagues to participate on a regular basis. Do you nevertheless perceive yourself being part of an international movement? Well, Zoom meetings have proven to be a great benefit since the various Naturefriends countries can meet virtually and share their initiatives; swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging the added bonus of reduced environmental impact!

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I feel, in these increased climate awareness times, we more or less are part of an international movement. Internationally, we are connected by environment, by atmosphere, by oceans On a NF organization level, we are a non-political faction of the original Naturefriends, but as individual members, we take an interest in international hopes of reducing our looming global az öregedésgátló megoldás and human crises, not to mention all the other impacted species on earth.

We, as members of the Naturefriends are the ideal group to encourage rise to the climate movement. Individually, in any moment, we can make wiser decisions, as well as a collective.

The pandemic has provided valuable introspection into society and its fundamental need to care for things, especially humans that will lead to better swiss champoz imaginary farm anti aging for our habitat. At the beginning of the pandemic, solidarity — one of the core values of Naturefriends —was a central topic in the societal discourse in Europe, but as the crisis has continued, it has moved more and more into the background.

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What is the situation like in your country? And which role can NGOs like Naturefriends play in making this value a reality? Solidarity in the US was compromised under our previous administration due to the chaos it created.

I think there is an inherent disadvantage to acquire solidarity in larger populations. I also think the loss of solidarity is symptomatic of distrust regarding a new challenge in society such as the pandemic. Although, our earthly problems are huge and complicated, we can find hope and purpose in way of care and love.

In this interview she talks about her motivation for getting involved in Naturefriends work and her ideas for the future. You have been engaged with Naturefriends on different levels for many years.

How did you get connected to Naturefriends? And what motivated you to become actively involved yourself?

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My first contact with Naturefriends was when I was four years old and took part in regular meetings of a children's group in my neighbourhood. Through the group, I was able to take part in various holiday camps in Germany and abroad as a child and later as a teenager and I gathered many memorable experiences. Through my participation in the national conferences of German Young Naturefriends, I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to influence the framework conditions of such camps for other children and young people by taking over the leadership of the Advisory Board for travel and sports.

Two years later, I took over the federal leadership of the German Young Naturefriends in a dual position, before I was elected to the Federal Board of German Naturefriends in What drives me in my voluntary work are the ideas and values of Naturefriends, the comprehensive understanding of sustainability in its dimensions and the need to shape society in the framework of the socio-ecological transformation.

Untilyou were in a leading position of German Young Naturefriends. What does successful youth work entail for you and where do you currently see the greatest opportunities and challenges — especially in view of the Corona crisis?

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